2014-15 Home Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
197:00PMVolleyball vs. College of Saint Mary
28 Women's GolfMt. Marty Invite
287:00PMVolleyball vs. Davenport University
301:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. AIB College of Business
16:00PMJV Football vs. Northwestern College
32:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Presentation College
37:00PMVolleyball vs. Bellevue University
106:00PMJV Volleyball vs. Concordia University
107:30PMVolleyball vs. Concordia University
121:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Westminster College
131:00PMFootball vs. Dordt College
1412:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Johnson & Wales Univers
142:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Johnson & Wales Univers
175:30PMJV Volleyball vs. Grand View University
177:00PMVolleyball vs. Grand View University
201:30PMJV Volleyball vs. Briar Cliff University
203:00PMVolleyball vs. Briar Cliff University
226:00PMJV Football vs. Concordia University
23 Men's GolfMidland Invite
255:00PMJV Women's Soccer vs. Concordia University
267:30PMWomen's Hockey vs. Davenport University
27 Men's Tennis vs. TBA
 GPAC Doubles Tournament
27 Women's Tennis vs. TBA
 GPAC Doubles Tournament
2712:00PMWomen's Hockey vs. Davenport University
271:00PMFootball vs. Doane College
 Heedum Field Dedication
275:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Dordt College
277:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Dordt College
277:30PMMen's Hockey vs. University of Nebraska
2812:00PMMen's Hockey vs. University of Nebraska
29 Men's GolfGPAC #2
30 Women's GolfMidland Fall Invite
307:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Hastings College
16:00PMJV Volleyball vs. Doane College
17:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Hastings College
17:30PMVolleyball vs. Doane College
35:00PMWomen's WrestlingWarrior Duals
49:00AMWomen's WrestlingWarrior Open
41:30PMJV Volleyball vs. Northwestern College
43:00PMVolleyball vs. Northwestern College
47:30PMMen's Hockey vs. Dordt College
94:00PMJV Men's Soccer vs. Concordia University
107:30PMWomen's Hockey vs. University of Wisconsin
1112:00PMWomen's Hockey vs. University of Wisconsin
117:30PMMen's Hockey vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
1212:00PMMen's Hockey vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
156:00PMJV Volleyball vs. Nebraska Wesleyan University
157:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Grace University
157:30PMVolleyball vs. Nebraska Wesleyan University
189:30AMWomen's Soccer vs. Mount Marty College
 2014 Homecoming Game
1811:30AMMen's Soccer vs. Mount Marty College
 2014 Homecoming Game
184:00PMFootball vs. Hastings College
 2014 Homecoming Game
192:00PMJV Men's Soccer vs. Hastings College
217:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Concordia University
227:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Concordia University
246:00PMJV Volleyball vs. Mount Marty College
247:30PMVolleyball vs. Mount Marty College
 Faculty & Staff Appreciation Night
251:30PMJV Volleyball vs. Morningside College
253:00PMVolleyball vs. Morningside College
261:00PMJV Men's Soccer vs. University of Nebraska-Kearney
264:00PMJV Men's Soccer vs. University of Nebraska-Kearney
296:00PMJV Volleyball vs. Hastings College
297:30PMVolleyball vs. Hastings College
 Senior Night
302:00PMJV Men's Soccer vs. Hastings College
317:30PMMen's Hockey vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
11:00PMFootball vs. Briar Cliff University
11:00PMMen's Hockey vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
15:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Briar Cliff University
17:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Briar Cliff University
17:30PMWomen's Hockey vs. Robert Morris College
21:00PMWomen's Hockey vs. Robert Morris College
36:00PMJV Women's Basketball vs. Briar Cliff University
37:45PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Briar Cliff University
47:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Haskell Indian Nations University
47:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Dakota Wesleyan University
 GPAC Quarterfinals
67:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Northwestern College
 GPAC Quarterfinals
77:30PMWomen's Hockey vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
81:00PMFootball vs. Nebraska Wesleyan University
82:00PMWomen's Hockey vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
87:30PMVolleyball vs. Doane College
 GPAC Quarterfinals
107:45PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Doane College
117:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. College of Saint Mary
117:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Dordt College
 GPAC Semifinals
127:30PMVolleyball vs. Dordt College
 GPAC Semifinals
147:30PMMen's Hockey vs. Waldorf College
1512:00PMMen's Hockey vs. Waldorf College
176:00PMJV Women's Basketball vs. Morningside College
177:45PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Morningside College
207:45PMJV Women's Basketball vs. Concordia University
217:30PMMen's Hockey vs. Minot State University
2212:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Mount Marty College
2212:00PMMen's Hockey vs. Minot State University
222:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Mount Marty College
256:00PMMen's Wrestling vs. Briar Cliff University
287:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Benedictine University
 Draemel Classic
294:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Mount Mercy University
 Draemel Classic
17:45PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Doane College
36:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Nebraska Wesleyan University
38:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Nebraska Wesleyan University
58:00PMJV Women's Basketball vs. North Platte CC
6 Men's Outdoor Track & FieldMidland Half Marathon
6 Women's Outdoor Track & FieldMidland Half Marathon
132:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Northwestern College
134:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Northwestern College
185:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Baker University
187:00PMMen's Basketball vs. York College
25:00PMWomen's WrestlingLindenwood-Belleville
27:00PMMen's WrestlingBethany College Dual
39:00AMMen's WrestlingViking-Warrior Open
98:00PMMen's Hockey vs. University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
102:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Briar Cliff University
104:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Briar Cliff University
108:00PMMen's Hockey vs. University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
146:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Hastings College
148:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Hastings College
216:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Doane College
218:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Doane College
227:00PMMen's WrestlingDWU Dual
23 JV Women's Basketball vs. TBA
242:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Dakota Wesleyan University
244:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Dakota Wesleyan University
267:00PMCheerMidland Invite
267:00PMDanceMidland Invite
297:45PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Nebraska Wesleyan University
3110:00AMMen's Tennis vs. Ottawa University
3110:00AMWomen's Tennis vs. Ottawa University
37:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Peru State College
68:00PMJV Women's Basketball vs. Northeast Community College
72:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Morningside College
74:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Morningside College
97:45PMJV Men's Basketball vs. Concordia University
116:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Concordia University
118:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Concordia University
13 Men's Tennis vs. Grand View University
13 Women's Tennis vs. Grand View University
135:00PMMen's Hockey vs. Williston State College
138:00PMWomen's Hockey vs. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
14 Men's Tennis vs. Southwestern College
14 Women's Tennis vs. Southwestern College
141:00PMWomen's Hockey vs. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
144:00PMMen's Hockey vs. Williston State College
207:30PMMen's Hockey vs. University of Colorado
21 Women's Hockey vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
219:00AMMen's Tennis vs. Southwestern Christian University
219:00AMWomen's Tennis vs. Southwestern Christian University
211:00PMMen's Hockey vs. University of Colorado
212:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Dordt College
214:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Dordt College
214:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Central Christian College
214:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Central Christian College
22 Women's Hockey vs. Lindenwood University-Belleville
28 Men's BowlingGPAC Invitational
28 Women's BowlingGPAC Invitational
1 Men's BowlingGPAC Invitational
1 Women's BowlingGPAC Invitational
66:30PMWomen's Lacrosse vs. College of Saint Mary
7 Baseball vs. Valley City State University
7Game 2Baseball vs. Valley City State University
711:00AMWomen's Lacrosse vs. Missouri Baptist University
8 Baseball vs. Valley City State University
8Game 2Baseball vs. Valley City State University
24 Baseball vs. Bellevue University
25 Men's GolfMidland Invite
281:00PMSoftball vs. Mount Marty College
28Game 2Softball vs. Mount Marty College
29 Baseball vs. Dakota Wesleyan University
29Game 2Baseball vs. Dakota Wesleyan University
292:00PMJV Softball vs. Doane College
315:00PMJV Softball vs. Central Community College Columbus
2 Baseball vs. Doane College
2Game 2Baseball vs. Doane College
44:00PMSoftball vs. College of Saint Mary
4Game 2Softball vs. College of Saint Mary
62:00PMBaseball vs. Peru State College
7 Men's GolfGPAC #3
75:00PMSoftball vs. Nebraska Wesleyan University
7Game 2Softball vs. Nebraska Wesleyan University
84:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Nebraska Wesleyan University
84:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Nebraska Wesleyan University
13 Women's BowlingUSBC Intercollegiate Singles Championship
135:00PMSoftball vs. Morningside College
13Game 2Softball vs. Morningside College
155:00PMSoftball vs. Doane College
15Game 2Softball vs. Doane College
18 Baseball vs. Dordt College
18Game 2Baseball vs. Dordt College
182:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Morningside College
182:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Morningside College
192:00PMJV Softball vs. Morningside College
204:30PMJV Softball vs. Southeast Community College
215:00PMSoftball vs. Concordia University
21Game 2Softball vs. Concordia University
22 Women's Tennis vs. Doane College
224:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Doane College
225:00PMSoftball vs. Peru State College
22Game 2Softball vs. Peru State College
24 Baseball vs. Concordia University
24Game 2Baseball vs. Concordia University
25 Baseball vs. Hastings College
25Game 2Baseball vs. Hastings College
25 Men's Tennis vs. Hastings College
25 Women's Tennis vs. Hastings College