Midland University prides its athletic experience around three core values: Character, Community and Excellence.  As a Warrior we hope that all of our athletes strengthen these values not only on the field of play but also in the classroom and while serving our community.

Founded in the liberal arts tradition more than 125 years ago, Midland University is a small, private college offering a curriculum designed to educate and challenge students in their chosen field of study, a close-knit community and opportunities for campus and community involvement.

Midland's athletic facilities have expanded in recent years with the addition of the Watchhorn Football Complex and the Midland Event Center for Athletics. The Warriors strength and conditioning program is headquartered in Hopkins Arena with teams having access to one of the country's largest YMCA facilities.

The roster of sports continues to grow as well with five new varsity and club teams started in 2010, including wrestling, men's and women's bowling, competitive cheer/dance, and women's lacrosse. In 2010-11, four teams competed in national championship events, including wrestling, women's golf, softball, and lacrosse teams, with Midland Track and Field represented at the NAIA Nationals Tournament in several events. Midland teams also demonstrate success outside the sports arena. Thirty-three students earned NAIA Scholar Athlete recognition last year, and 10 Midland teams received the NAIA Scholar Team Award in recognition of their hard work both in the classroom and on the field.

With nearly 600 student-athletes, Midland is committed to providing a quality athletics program that compliments the academic pursuits of individual students and contributes to a rich educational experience. Warrior athletes, coaches and staff are committed to demonstrating excellence, not just in competition, but character development as well.

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